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PRO Seed Ltd is an agro-based company which got incorporated in 2018 as a seed company limited by shares. We are registered by the Ministry of Justice and Legal Affairs, Chamber of commerce, recognised by the Ministry of Agriculture and Food Security as a seed producing company, and a full member of the Seed Trade Association of South Sudan (STASS). We have ventured into seed production so as to contribute towards solving the global problem of limited access to quality seed by farmers.  We started seed production, processing and marketing in 2018, and our focus has been on Open Pollinated Varieties (OPVs) of various seed crops such as Cereals (maize, sorghum and Rice); Legumes (cowpea, beans and green gram), Oil crops (Sesame, soya beans, sunflower) and Fruit Trees – Mango, citrus, guava, and avocado.  We are as well multiplying planting materials of Cassava, Sweet Potatoes and banana. We have also partnered with Seed Companies in Uganda, Kenya and Asia for both field crops and Vegetable seeds. This partnership is to ensure that seed coming from outside the country is traceable and accounted for.


To provide top quality products and services that build farmers’ confidence, increased agricultural productivity and income through research, value addition and marketing of appropriate innovations.


To be a reliable channel in sustainable growth of smallholder farmers in agri-enterprises and holistic development for a transformed livelihood

Core Values

Customer Care

Quality adherence

Team work

Social Responsibility


"here to Serve the farmers"

Company Objectives

  • Produce and trade in quality seeds (high germination and purity rates, disease and pest free).
  • Increase farmers’ productivity by building their capacities and promoting better performing varieties suitable to farmers’ location.

Create employment to rural farmers contracted as seed multipliers.

Promote value chain development of major crops like maize, rice, sesame, etc.

Link research with farmers.

Increase access to quality seed by farmers across the country through regional seed production and establishment of reliable agro-dealer network.

Production Targets 2019
Our target for the 2019 – 2020 was to produce 700Mt of Maize Longe V, 350Mt of Sorghum Sesso III and 20Mt of Cowpeas Secow 2WT. Meanwhile we had an agreement with key Seed Companies in Uganda to produce for us 1000Mt of Maize Longe V, 500Mt of Sorghum Sesso III and 60Mt of Cow pea Secow 2WT.
Production Targets 2019
Production Targets 2020
In 2020 our production targets are as follows; 1500MT of Maize Longe V; 1000MT of Sorghum (Seso 3, Macia, Local Varieties, etc) and Wad Ahmed; 100MT of Cowpeas Secow 2WT and Local varieties; and 100MT of Sesame, 150MT of Groundnuts. These shall be accomplished through our own farm production, individual and commercial farmers, as well as NGO/Agency Supported Farmers across the Country.
Production Targets 2020

Team work

Our Experience and Expertise in the Seed Sector

PRO Seed Ltd has a crop of reliable staff whose experiences and skills are taking the company to greater heights in the industry. These are;

  • Our MD got involved in seed production from 2014 when he initiated seed multiplication as an economic enterprise for farmers supported by an NGO project he was managing. Since then, he has grown in the seed industry. In 2018 – 2019, he was awarded grant contract by Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa (AGRA) to train Seed Out-growers for seed companies in Juba, Magwi, Maridi and Yambio. In 2019, he was contracted by IRC to train their seed producing farmers in Ajuongthok.
  • Our Quality Assurance and Production Manager worked for Equator Seed Co. Ltd in Uganda for over 5 years as the Quality Assurance and Production Manager. She has been brought in to mentor our team in the production and quality assurance department.
  • Our Production Manager has been the production Manager for Seed Grow Co. Ltd, one of the pioneer seed companies in the country. However due to the vision the PRO Seed Ltd has, he is joining us effective from March. He comes along with wealth of experience in farmers’ training, seed inspection, and relationship building with partners such as agro-dealers, out-growers and development partners.
  • The company also has a pool of diploma holders in crop production who are in direct contact with our farmers together with the Field Facilitators. They provide on hand field practical experience to the farmers. They are also being mentored by the two senior staff above.
  • We work closely with the Ministry of Agriculture and Food Security, and we worked with Caritas Luxemburg Torit, AGRA and IRC in the last two years. This year we are already in discussion for possible partnership with World Vision, IRC, ICRC, FAO and NPA. The discussions are all on seed production, either by simply providing technical guidance to their supported farmers and offer market, or to implement part of their project component on seed production so as to make I private sector driven.

Our Seed Production and Capacity Building Partners

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