Meet the TEAM

Company Organogram

Below is our current company organogram

Current Staffing

PRO Seed Ltd boasts of skilled and experienced staff in the industry. The table below gives our current filled staff positions from the general organogram.

S/NoPositionNumber of StaffQualificationStatus
8Human Resource Manager1Bachelor of Science in Human Resource ManagementPartly/ Full time
9MEAL and Gender Officer1Bachelor of Arts in Development Studies, with Information TechnologyFulltime
1CEO/Managing Director1MSc in AgricultureFull Time
2Production/Quality Assurance Manager1MSc in Agri-Enterprises DevelopmentPartly (60%)
3Production Manager4BSc in AgricultureFull time
4Marketing Officer1Diploma in MarketingFull time
5Finance and Admin Officer1BA in Business Administration- FinanceFull time
6Production Officers (Agronomists)4Diploma in Crop ProductionFull time
7Support staff150Causal workersPartly and Full time

We have made arrangements to partner with breeders in the production of Foundation Seeds for Sorghum, Maize, Cowpeas and Sesame